Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?

Our initial conversation will take about an hour. We plan to make sure it’s a great investment of your time.


Is there a lot of paperwork involved?

The paperwork is minimal and we’ll always assist you to complete forms or on-line applications. After all, that’s our job!


What will it cost?

Most of our clients pay nothing! It depends on what you need us to do and how much work is involved. We will always disclose any fees prior to undertaking work on your behalf.


What do I need to bring to our meetings?

You’ll need to complete a ‘fact find’ document to help us understand your current financial situation. Depending on what type of finance you need, we’ll let you know if there’s any other supporting information.


Where is your office?

Our office is centrally located at 2/221 Collins Street in the city.